Hello.  Welcome to The Finger Group website.  We love building businesses that engage, inspire or assist people.  We’ve created or accelerated over a dozen billion dollar (not just on paper without liquidity) companies .  We only get involved if we like the business model and the founding team and we actually want to (not just say we want to) –and can– help build the company.  We’ve trained sales teams, led business development efforts, put together partnerships, formulated comp plans, actively participated in off-sites, edited pitch decks, reviewed S-1s, provided lots of stupid ideas that are often properly dismissed by the people living and breathing their companies 24×7, negotiated term sheets, built financial statements, recruited talent, introduced other investors and lenders, and served as a midnight sounding board for plenty of founders in connection with our investments.

We will not waste your time or energy haggling over things that don’t matter.  We aim to be your first call for everything, both good and bad, because we’ve earned that honor, not negotiated for it.  You are building something that is your life’s calling.  Our job is to work for you, not to have you feel that you work for us.

We generally focus on 3 types of investing:


2-BUYOUT (with us acting as a majority or minority of the required capital), and


What else?  Well, we don’t have a fiduciary duty to maximize returns, since we invest our own capital. We have the luxury to have a different philosophy than most investors.  So, while we certainly think about quantitative measures like IRR and MOIC, we evaluate success solely against the caliber of the businesses and business models in which we’re involved, the quality of the teams that we have backed, the innovation with which we’re involved, and the contribution that we have made to the companies that we have helped to build.  Financial performance is a lagging indicator and we focus on the inputs.

We have specific interest and a great deal of experience in marketplaces, “local“, SaaS and things that have an impact on people’s behavior, well-being (behavioral science fin tech, healthcare, experience-centric offerings), and productivity (efficiency tools/software which we think of as things that enable people to do things they are already doing but just more simply).  We also like offline businesses with recurring revenue characteristics.

If what we have outlined regarding our areas of interest and methodology resonates with you, please get in touch with us!  However, please note that we are a lean team and we spend our energy helping our partners.  As a result, we respond to less than 1% of contacts sent through our “Contact” link but 100% of contacts sent in by someone we know directly or someone who is referred to us through someone we trust.  So, please be thoughtful about how you get in touch with us.


Fully Exited